Today I thought about finally testing PlatformIO. It looked great, but I’ve had issues using Arduino’s IDE and other tools to build for Jeelabs’ Jeenode Micro. I wondered if this time it would be different!

First the installation: no problems here! I used PlatformIO’s integreated installer (via deb) and then immediately installed a few other plugins :-)

Then using the editor to build my first (normal) Arduino project.

First I tried to manually recreate a PlatformIO project from my existing code, but this turned out to be harder than just using the “Import Arduino IDE Project…” feature in PlatformIO. I simply hadn’t seen that feature first :-) Using the import, I quickly had the project. Now the library dependencies.

With the Arduino IDE I knew there was a central place where I had to put the libraries. This is also possible with PlatformIO; however, after experimenting, I dediced to include the libraries with the project (which is probably the preferred way). So I copied them to the lib/ subdirectory.

Building for Arduino Uno worked. Great! Next challenge, building for Jeenode Micro.

The Jeenode Micro is an attiny84 with onboard RFM12B; Arduino (and PlatformIO) have support for attiny84, however not this “variant”… The error I got was this one:

In file included from .pioenvs/attiny84/jeelib/JeeLib.h:17:0,
from /home/jo/projects/applications/onewire-wireless-network/w1sender/src/w1sender.ino:35:
.pioenvs/attiny84/jeelib/Ports.h:717:49: error: 'Serial' was not declared in this scope
InputParser (byte size, Commands*, Stream& =Serial);
.pioenvs/attiny84/jeelib/Ports.h:718:60: error: 'Serial' was not declared in this scope
InputParser (byte* buf, byte size, Commands*, Stream& =Serial);

The error I always got with Arduino :-)

I will not bore you with all the missed attempts to get PlatformIO working with this board, but immediately skip to the working method:

a) Add the special ‘tiny’ variant to the cores

From jcw’s GitHub repo I got the necessary core files. I copied avr/cores/tiny from the repo to ~/.platformio/packages/framework-arduinoavr/cores/.

b) Add a board definition for jeenode-micro

I found out I could make a directory ~/.platformio/boards and add json files there. I created a file jeenode.json with this content:

    "jeenode-micro": {
        "build": {
            "core": "tiny",
            "extra_flags": "-DARDUINO_ARCH_AVR -DARDUINO_AVR_ATTINY84",
            "f_cpu": "8000000L",
            "mcu": "attiny84",
            "variant": "tiny14"
        "frameworks": ["arduino"],
        "name": "Jeenode Micro",
        "platform": "atmelavr",
        "upload": {
            "maximum_ram_size": 512,
            "maximum_size": 8192,
            "protocol": "usbtiny"
        "url": "",
        "vendor": "Jeelabs"

Now I changed platformio.ini file for my project:

board = jeenode-micro

Et voila, compile works. Didn’t try uploading yet, however. Later :-)